STORA, s.r.o. is a member of BSI group which associates significant European producers of constructions elements for sewerage and infrastructure.
Stora Drain

Drainage channels

O.P.S.O. Sp. z o.o. is a producer of complete polymer concrete range of drainage channels STORA DRAIN in all loading classes. Plastic drainage channels range of the same brand are made by IMCOMA, n.v.


Cast-iron covers and gratings

FONDATEL-LECOMTE, s.a. was established by merger between two biggest Belgian foundries. It specialises on processing of ductile cast-iron, namely, on road covers and gratings.


Composite covers

HERMELOCK s.a. is a producer of composite covers made from polyurethane reinforced by glass fibre. Moreover, these types of covers excel in a system of hermetic sealing against liquids and gases.


Plastic tanks

ROTOPLAST, s.a.s. is a leader in rotational moulding of thermoplastic. The important part of its production capacity is focused on production of tanks for rainwater, wastewater treatment plants, septic tanks and sumps.


Plastic pipelines

ARVA PLASTICS n.v. is a producer of PVC pipelines for inner and outer sewerage, PE pipelines for pressure sewer, cable protectors and pipelines for electrical distribution.

The main objective of the STORA Company is to represent BSI members and to ensure sales of their products in the Middle and Eastern Europe.

he seat in the Czech Republic, together with the logistics and business background provides customers optimal conditions for flexible, reliable and long-term cooperation.