D1 Přerov – Lipník Highway (CZ)
STORA Vortex CEV flow regulators ensure the maximum allowable rainwater runoff from the new D1 Highway section between Přerov and Lipník nad Bečvou (CZ).
Ejpovice Tunnel (CZ)
STORA-DECK composite covers have been used to cover cable shafts in the new Ejpovice Railway Tunnel near Plzeň (CZ).
Car Wash in Staré Město (CZ)
STORA-Drain Optima drainage channels designed for heavy traffic load capture wastewater from the touchless car wash system in Staré Město (CZ).
Chotíkov Incinerator (CZ)
The STORA Baffle DB flow regulator regulates the rainwater runoff from the waste-to-energy plant built close to Chotíkov near Plzeň (CZ).
Square in Malenovice (CZ)
STORA-DRAIN Top drainage channels with longitudinally slotted covers create discrete drainage elements of hard surfaces around the Květen Cinema in Malenovice in Zlín (CZ).